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Opening Ceremony for Co Nitric Acid Project between Jilin Connell and Anhui Huainan Chemical
Time:2013/7/8 14:26:20

    Anhui Huainan Connell Chemical Industry LLC , a joint venture company was formally established between Jilin Connell Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Anhui Huainan  Chemical Co., Ltd. on August 18th, 2009.

   Huai-Chem accounts for 60% of holdings in the joint venture. Both companies jointly invested 0.3 billion RMB ( about 0.044 billion US Dollars ), which will fundamentally solve the bottleneck of feedstock for Jilin Connell, i.e. that not only the high cost of freight added to the production cost will drop, but the excessive hydrogen and nitrogen will be also consumed internally which will give rise to increasing of aniline volume that comes to about 0.3 billion RMB ( about 0.044 billon US Dollars ). So, potentially the joint venture will solve the pressing hindrance for Jilin Connell and be a great contribution to making Jilin’s economic output doubled as well.
    Jilin Connell was established in April 2007, and put into test running on March 28th,2009, being the largest aniline producer in China with rapid development. Now Jilin Connell jointly cooperated with Huaian Chemical that is one of the largest stated-owned enterprises. The joint venture will be surely benefit both parties with win-win situation which will play an important role in promoting the economic development of both places.
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